Monday, March 14, 2005


AT LAST, the Mysteries of your PC and the Internet Explained - in Plain English! Does Computerish Sound Like Gibberish? Is Techie-Speak Driving You Crazy? Then Relax, Because This Is The Newbie Club">
"At Last Someone's Finally Done It!
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AMERICA'S" VOICEThe Best and Newbie-friendliest Learning Zone on the Planet!
The Newbie Club™ is famous for its laid back, down to earth approach to all things techie! Here's where the answers to all those mysteries can finally be revealed. All in Newbie-Speak! So just click on the link of your choice below, and enjoy the ride. Seat belts and Air bags not needed! Let's go .........
"Hey, I'm a Newbie Not a Dummy. Just Show Me HOW!"™(There are no live links to the resources shown below -your Free Membership gives you immediate access to them.) Search Engines Explained.What is a search engine? How do they work, and how do you use them? End the confusion once and for all and surf the Web the fun way! Internet Business Tutorials. The most common question asked of us is "HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ON THE NET ?"
IT"S NOT EASY !!! But we'll try to help out with some sound advice from those who are doing it right now. Newbie Club PC Tutorials. The famous Newbie Club™ Learning System at its best. These tutorials will cure your frustration the easy way.
Email Tutorials. How-to, What-to, When-to? Html, Plain Text, attachments - what on earth's it all about? FIND OUT HERE__________ Free Courses via Autoresponder.
Already read by thousands of Newbies, these in-depth lessons are guaranteed to accelerate your learning...... Web Browser Tutorials. Explorer, Netscape, AOL! It's enough to make a Newbie weep.
Get the lowdown and start relaxing. Web Copy and Ad Writing Tutorials.
Advice and tutorials from the best Copywriters on the Web. Guaranteed to improve results from your personal, family, or business Websites and Ezine.
Free Software. Links and reviews to all the best Free Newbie-Friendly software. Which do you choose, and why do you need it? Here's practical advice on what's best for you. Internet Radio Interviews.
Listen to online interviews with some of the most successful people on the Internet - a goldmine of invaluable information. Listen while you surf! Ladies' Lounge.
Sick of all the he-man macho speak on the Web? Drop in, let your hair down, and let off steam. Some great resources here!
How to create your own eBooks.
The buzz-word these days is eBooks. But how do you start? How do write one? And how do you publish it? Steven King watch out! How to publish your own Ezine.
There's hundreds of thousands of them on the Net. Some good, some bad, and some awful! Learn the techniques of the masters right here. Jargon Busters. Techie-speak, or gobbledygook - it's all in your perception. Decipher the Geek codes, and start understanding what the other half are talking about! SENOIRS LOUNGE: Get rid of your inferiority complex right now. No, the kids are NOT smarter, they just have a head start. Catch up here. Hey, you're among friends! Free eBooks. Many free eBooks are just a glorified ad for the author's services. We review the one's we feel will be of greatest benefit to Newbies, and save you the frustration of wasted downloads. Newbie Club Products, Software, and Services. Here's the full range of all our Exclusively produced stuff. All in Newbie Speak, and each a proven winner. Tame your PC and the Confused about how to get your own Domain Name? We'll explain it all in Newbie-Speak, and help you choose the Domain Name you want. Become an Affiliate. Our program is regarded as one of the most Professional on the Web. Unrivalled support, promotional and advertising tools, Affiliate Forum, unique products, live stats, tracking software, private Affiliate's Clubroom, and your own Website just like this one. Wow! Virus, Trojan Horse, Worm. What's it all mean? Learn from an expert in the virus field. How do you protect yourself, and can you win the war against the creators of these little monsters? Free 3D Graphics Creator. Now you can design your own 3D headings, titles, and graphics online, in just a few seconds with this easy to use software. Play around with it - it's great fun! "I am not easily impressed, but let me tell you guys I am VERY impressed with your site. It is fresh, fast, to the point, very relevant AND it is a stroke of genius on your side. Very well done lads, you deserve a pat on the back. I wish you all of the best and be assured that I will promote your site to all my friends and co-workers." Sincere regards, Jannie Loots. Johannesburg, South Africa.
The Famous Newbie Club™ Insider Newsletter
Every week you will receive your Personalized edition of the much talked about Insider Newsletter. It's stuffed full with Internet and PC Tips, tutorials, advice, humor, links to great resources, and more. Why so widely praised? Because it talks to you, not at you. It's in Newbie-Speak, it's laid back, and it's a whole lot of fun!
No stuffy Geek Lectures here, no boring experts telling you how things should be done. Our Team shows you how you can learn and laugh at the same time, with a down to earth attitude that treats you with the respect you deserve. It's the only one of its kind on the Net and Members get it FREE
"I just read another copy of your newsletter andwant to thank you for REAL content. I've been on-linefor a LONG time, but am missing so much vitalinformation on HOW-to do things. YOU all are providingREAL content on the missing areas! Thanks so much!"
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