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No matter what it is you sell, no matter what it is that your website or company offers, if you throw in a round-trip plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world, you will win your prospect's business every single time.

How profitable would it make your business if you were able to do this without the plane tickets costing you any money!?

We can make that happen for your company for less than $30 per month! That's right, for less than $30 per month, you can get access to an unlimited supply of promotional airplane tickets that you can use to send your sales through the roof. But it gets better.

WE WILL ALSO PAY YOUR COMPANY up to $100 every time you give away a FREE plane ticket!

When you give someone a free plane ticket all that person has to do is pay a $20 shipping and handling fee so that we can book their flight and send their ticket via FedEx. And since this is a promotional plane ticket, they will have to accept a 100%, completely free trial offer from some company. Examples of free trials offered are a Sports Illustrated magazine subscription, one month of Gevalia Kaffe and one Video Professor computer lesson.

By the way, they DO NOT have to provide a credit card when accepting the free trial offer. So in addition to getting a free plane ticket, they are also getting a great free product or service!

Giving away free plane tickets will pretty much eliminate all of your competition and make your company and your offer so compelling, so completely irresistible that prospects would be out of their minds to do business with any other company but yours.

Think about it. If you wanted to sell music CDs online, I bet you would have a tough time making any kind of money. That is because you are going up against cdnow.com, the industry's 800 pound gorilla.

But if you threw in round-trip airplane tickets for every customer that purchased a CD at your site, I guarantee that you would get all of CDNow's business! Word would quickly get around of your offer. And people would be out of their minds to buy a CD from CDNow when they can get free plane tickets at your site!

This concept will work for any business, including yours! It does not matter whether you are online, offline, big or small.

It is easy to see how big of an impact it can have on any business. Your only question now is most likely to be where is the catch.

There is no catch. They are legitimate, no strings attached tickets that your customers can use to fly any major airline. There are no blackout dates, they do not ride standby, they DO NOT have to view a timeshare presentation or any other sales presentation, they do not have to book a hotel, they do not have to pay any airfare taxes and they are good for 2 years. Your customers will get the plane tickets fully paid.

Your customer just has to do two things. They have to pay a $20 shipping and handling fee to cover our cost of processing their ticket and mailing it to them via FedEx. And they have to accept a 100%, completely free trial offer from some company. There are some great free trials available such as a Sports Illustrated magazine subscription, one month of Gevalia Kaffe, 3 months electronic bill paying service and a free Video Professor computer lesson.

The plane tickets are promotional plane tickets. They are paid for partially by you subscribing to this service and the balance is paid for by the company offering the free trial. We are always looking for new offers but only work with quality companies with a quality product or service. We get paid by them everytime we give them a free trial.

The fee covers the cost of the plane ticket. Plus, as an added incentive for you to use our service, we will pay you up to $100 every time you give away a voucher and the person you give it to redeems it by signing up for the free trial offer. Imagine getting paid $100 everytime you give away a free plane ticket! It should add a significant amount of revenue for your company.

The amount paid changes depending on what the company is paying and what the offer is, but we guarantee a minimum of $25 for every voucher given away.

One free trial of note that is offered is Brixdale's Inverse Mortgage, a service that electronically pays your monthly rent or mortgage payment.

The Inverse Mortgage program is actually more than just a bill paying service. It is a very unique program which enables anyone to pay off their entire mortgage in full without increasing their mortgage payment amount in a matter of months. If the customer rents, the Inverse Mortgage will enable that person to get into a house without having to get a mortgage. They can purchase a house and own it free and clear.

If that is the free trial they get, in addition to giving them a free plane ticket, you have the potential to really improve their lives financially. Brixdale is partly owned by this company. Because of that close relationship, they have the highest paying offer. And since it is our highest paying offer, we will try to make that free trial offer as often as possible. That means more money for your company! Click here to hear a complete overview of the Inverse Mortgage program.

To give away an unlimited amount of plane tickets each month there is a one time set up fee of $50 and then a monthly fee of $29.95. There are no minimum time commitments, you pay month to month and can cancel at any time.

Your company will be issued its own voucher site. To give someone a plane ticket, all you need to do is send the person to that site we will issue to your company. Your customer will just need to fill out a short form. After filling out the form, they will be emailed a voucher. In order to get their plane tickets they will have to print that voucher and then mail it to us along with their $20 postage and handling fee within 30 days.

Click here to see what the voucher site looks like that you will send your customers to. That is just a demo site, your site will obviously contain your company's contact information. Click here to read the actual voucher your customers will get and to read the complete terms of the offer.

After we receive their voucher, they will be sent instructions so they can sign up for the free trial they were offered and book their airfare. Signing up for the free trial and securing the plane tickets is done directly through us. So getting the plane tickets is never a hassle for your customers.

Sign Up Here for more information. You will be able to start giving away FREE plane tickets immediately!


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